My first impression about Korea.


1.   The thing rather conditional is well known, that rules of behavior. That in one country is considered indecent, in another - it is completely normal, and on the contrary. It concerns, certainly, and to Korea.  

      Distinctions in rules of behavior between Kyrgyzstan and Korea frequently results in ridiculous situations. I remember one amusing history. Some years ago in our church have arrived a new missioner from Korea.

      He has solved to begin to learn Russian. So he  asked me to find him a good teacher. I recommended to him one teacher from university. She was a English language teacher. There was a following further. He meet with the teacher, and become to set questions: "What is your name? " " Are you married? " " How old are you? " Who is your father?

     Teacher, ( she was 29 years old and she divorce with her husband, shortly before it), has apprehended these questions as an attribute of unambiguous intentions. So she refused to teach him. Whence to her was to know, that direct questions on age and marital status it is just a usual part Korean rule of acquaintance!

      In Korea it is not considered shameful to ask the woman about age, and where she lives. For Korean at conversation with each other it is important to know the answers to these questions correctly. It is important for construct the relation with  the interlocutor.

     However on the inhabitants of Kyrgyzstan people they frequently make unpleasant impression. By the way to tell, it is completely normal and to ask met in the street people, including olders about, where he goes.         

      For Korean this kind of questions is not perceived as display of the certain curiosity, which can be and unpleasantly to interlocutor. A question " where you go? " - it is just replacement of a greeting. (Equally, by the way, and on other Korean question - greeting "Did you eat today? ").

      The amusing misunderstandings frequently arise during the meal. For example, for Korean it is not  accepted  to eat with the closed mouth. That frequently  is not pleasant for Russian and Kyrgyz people, which irritates a champ of the neighbors. 

      And other feature, is how quietly speak Korean about... a toilet.

      In Kyrgrzstan, as well as in Russia, people do not speak aloud on themes connected to a toilet. In Korea the young man on a date can complain to girl on happened with him diarrhea with the same simplicity, with  his a Kyrgyzstan coeval can complain of a  headache. 

2.   The majority of the foreigners coming in South Korea, surprise that it is the country, on advantage, Christian. In Korea there are a huge abundance of churches, a street preachers, a crowd of the people on Sunday services and much another. The statistics asserts, that the Christians - less than half is religious of the active population of the country.

      However main difference of the Korean Christians, in particular protestants, "diligence in faith". Korean Buddhists, usually, are limited to that announce itself by those, and in temples occur only on holidays. The Christians concern to religious customs with complete gravity.  It is curious, that Protestantism and Catholicism in modern Korean statistics are considered as different religions. A Protestants call themselves ("the Doctrine of Christ "), while the Catholics call themselves by the followers "" (" the Doctrines of Heavenly Lord").  When Korean, speaking in English or in Russian, names itself by  "Christian", it almost always means, that he is just protestant, instead of Catholic or orthodox.  

                Anyway, but Korea, alongside with Philippines, is Unique mainly by Christian country of East Asia, and it circumstance imposes a considerable print on all its life.




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