Немного обо мне



Let me introduce myself.

Hi! My name is Dmitry K. Kim. My friends call me doctor Raven. I’m from from Republic Kyrgyzstan (Middle Asia).  I was born in Bishkek city in 1974 . I’m single. I graduated the Bishkek Bible College in 1998. So, now I’m student again. I have been learning at the Samchok National University since 2000 year. My specialty is computer science. I hope, that I can improve my knowledge of computer science. I haven’t a good ability to understand all lectures by korean. But my understanding of conversation English help’s me. Sometimes I can’t  take part in the discussion of some problem in our class, because now I have a limited number of koreans  words.

For the first time I have heard about Jesus 10 years ago.

In 1991 to my city Bishkek arrived a one missioner from Korea and  opened church. I came to church just for seen. But remained. I became a Christian when I was 17  years old. And my pastor he was a first who told me about the heaven and the God. Once he told about Holy Spirit, and at that moment I felt a power of Him. From that time I began my Christianity.

Once, the God told me: I need you. So, who can  resist His will. What can I answered Him, except for as “yes”. He has drawn my way, and lead me ahead. I started to serve Him in our church. At the beginning  as Sunday-school teacher, after as worship-team leader. During that time He every time  changed my mind and clear my soul.

From 1991 till 1992 I studied Bible in Grace Christian Seminary in Moscow. After that I continued  my education in Bishkek Bible College.  I believed then, as I as believed now, that what Christ accomplished on the Cross meant salvation for me.


Last years I  became to doubt of the service. It has ceased to be successful. The work in church occupied a lot of time, but there were no people, whom I really helped. We much prayed , listened to the sermons, spent services, but really did not help the people. I  asked the God and to show me a new way. And after some time I have got acquainted with Andrew mission. I was surprised with the relation of the people in group.

The people  are  not pastors, preachers, but they were united by  desire to help the people, to preach a word of God. I has liked, that the people not only spoke about the help and sermon, but also did it.

The members of mission  are from different cities, but nevertheless, they are have one heart  in joint work.   I  told about this work my  friends, and they were very interesting about that system. So we want to make  the same team in Bishkek  in future.

   I hope that our life will be according His word and He will use our work.  


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